//9 Unique Looking Mobile phones

9 Unique Looking Mobile phones


Samsung NPH-N270

Launched in 2003, Samsung’s NPH-N270 was specifically targeted for the fans of The Matrix movie franchise. It was unveiled the same year that the second instalment in the series – The Matrix Reloaded, was released.





Siemen Xelibri 6

We could say this phone is mainly focused on women consumers. If this phone was produce this year, feminist group would go berserk. Nevertheless this phone was one those flip phone, fully functional phone

Virtu Signature Cobra

Launch during 2006 with a price tag of 300k usd. Yes that much, this phone pretty much suitable for one of those super rich villains in the movies. Where the villains would point at other people using this phone. What a douche.

Nokia 7600

This phone was one of the phone, the phone that when we pull this thing out people would glance and go "whaaa? How do you even?". By today standard, this phone would made it among the hipsters . Because of its uniqueness and hard to useness. Useness is a word now. This phone was launch around 2003 and that was it.


Nokia 7280

The most complicated phone ever, have to rotate around to get the number or the letter that we need. We have heard that somebody got dumped over this phone because he was late in typing his texts and until today year 2017 the guy is still typing. Poor guy.


LG BL40 New Chocolate

 Long weirdly shape, yerp that's what she said. Even though nowadays square phone is a thing but, LG BL40 is just weird. Screen was snall and stretcged out. Its almost as a cringey in phone's world. I'm feeling the cringe because I myself used to like this phone.


Samsung Serene

Small and round keypad. More alike wii controller got married to an ipod and  got a Samsung Serene. Its came in jewelry box shaped all nice and can pretend typing with just moving finger around the round shaped pad. What else can a person want?


Toshiba G450

Look! Is it an mp3 player? Is it a keychain? No! Its a phone. Not with just one round pad, this thing has 2 round pad and a little round screen. This phone mmmm yeah.

Blackberry Passport

Blackberry was and is always the better qwerty pad phone. With undoubtedly great security build around its os. Nevertheless even though os was great but blackberry is lacking on designs. Not everyone would appreciate the bulky square with a hardware keypad. Its a great phone. But its square. Good feeling keyboard tho.

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