//Review: Power Rangers 2017

Review: Power Rangers 2017

Another reboot movie, are we really out of ideas or the 90's kids are now all in the mood of rebooting shows that they like when they were a kids. I'm a 90's kid but rebooting Power Rangers? The show we grew up with? That alone a big sign saying "If you are going down this path, be careful and just change your mind right now".

Let's see here, after growing up watching the shows. Those shows will be stored in our deep memories part of our brain, which means we tend to keep a lot of parts from the power rangers show as our childhood memories. Hence if the reboot are not up to the standard than yes, the movie will somehow fail.

To be fair, the cgi effect is great; well have to be since its 2016 when the movie was in the midst of making. Storyline is about teenagers life and problems with added in super human abilities. Thats about it.

I thought I was alone in cringing myself throughout the movie, turned out there was so many more, hahaha so it's not my bias point of view. This movie really doesn't make our childhood shows justice.

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