//Terrorist attacks in Antwerp

Terrorist attacks in Antwerp

What kind of points that the terrorists would put across by killing innocent people? I'm better than you so I decided you have to die? I have my personal beliefs and you're seems not respecting it so you must die? I have artillery and you don't so you must die? Or terrorists are those who has parents issues like look at me look at me look at me! I need your attention!!!

How selfish can you be? Must be really selfish to a point you might be crazy. It's things like this is what President Trump is trying to fix in United States of America. EU has make itself accountable when they decided to give into refugees coming into their countries without proper vetting. Yes at a point it may look inhumane because of we are treating everyone that are coming in like a criminal, the citizens has to be protected as well.

The terrorism activity was successfully stopped by Antwerp Police. Which is not a coincidence as this happened hours after the terrorist attacked in London which had killed 3 people.

For more details Dailymail dot uk

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