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K-Drama: D – Day

Synopsis:  When a natural disaster strikes Seoul, a team of medical doctors and emergency personnel struggle to deal with its aftermath. The whole city becomes paralyzed. Doctors and emergency personnel struggle to save the people.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Kim Young-kwang, Jung So-Min, Ha Seok-Jin , Lee Kyoung-Young, Cha In-Pyo

Director: Jang Yong-Woo
Country: South Korea

Episode: 20/20 eps
Duration: 60 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2015
IMDb: 7.2

Admin Review: This is another good drama. While it may a stretch as the duration for whole 20 episodes are for 4 days or as they said in the drama 72 hours of golden time. What's good about this drama was the brutal truth about humanity during a stressful situations. Various time when the actors were fighting among themselves and the words that were being said was raw and brutal and goes straight to heart. If I was at the receiving end of the conversations I would give up and just give in. I'm not much of a drama fan, but this drama got me hook to a point where I took an Emergency Leave from the office just to finish the whole season in one go.

Watch it here: D-Day


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