//Best Save-Storage Designs for Small Homes

Best Save-Storage Designs for Small Homes

So here we are, just graduated from university and then few years down the road we have our first job. Moved out from family's house into a rent or if your first job is that great; you might just got yourself a new home. Of course it won't be a mansion, or remotely big (normal people get normal pay job, this is not Hollywood where can get a huge apartment with low rent. I'm looking at you FRIENDS). Still a home is a home, it's the place we go back to after long day working enduring pain in the ass supervisors (not literally).

So even tho our homes are small, it doesn't mean we have be content and just give up on make it a comfortable tiny home.

Here are some of the ideas what to do in your tiny homes

If you're happened to like read books, I mean books and not those ebooks. It means you're going to need space to keep them books and another place to sit comfortably while drinking your fave drink during one of your book journey.


Why not have both at the same time. Good side of it, you don't have to move a lot. Your books are within reach. Bad side of it, it won't be enough for all the books. But for some it is suffice. Beside this chair look awesome.

Throne of books.

When I look for a place, my first priority is always the bathroom. Is it clean and organize well or is it comfortable to perform humanly duty in it.

Hence small home means small bathroom, for the sake of convenient and  cleanliness; a proper rack should be installed and make a storage space out of it.

It'll be one of those mornings when you're doing your humanly routine and things just ran out. You can just reach your hand up above your head and get on with your business.

It's in the book, if you want to double the size of your bedroom (not physically enlarge it. That would require you to get a new bigger home) in terms of feeling when you walk into a room and you feel "Mmmm This room is big! like twice the size than before I install that mirrors"

If area around you is limited horizontally, it is time for you to rearrange your stuffs vertically. Make full use of the four walls that surrounding you.

Not only you'll get more space to keep your spices, plates, woks (some people do have more than 1 woks) and other kitchen utensils. Your small kitchen will look so much bigger and organized. Plus point! since it's a small kitchen, you can reach anything in your kitchen without the need to climb onto counter. Means it's safer and less time consuming.

Multipurpose room, living room slash bedroom slash office. Close your eyes, and imagine just how small your room would be.

Comfort, spacious and feeling fresh?

You might have done your room arrangement right. Use a soothing color to make the room warm ish and good proportion of furniture so it won't look like your room is small on one side and totally messed up on the other side. 

These are just several idea's that I've compiled. For more, click the link below

Source: More ideas for minimal small homes

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