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Admin Review: Beauty and The Beast (2017)

Title: Beauty and The Beast
Summary: Belle (Emma Watson), a bright, beautiful and independent young woman, is taken prisoner by a beast (Dan Stevens) in its castle. However, what sounds like a nightmare soon turns into a sweet love story.

Genre: Musical, Family, Fantasy
Actor: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans
Director: Bill Condon
Country: United States
Duration: 129 min

Admin Review:

This movie review came late for the obvious reason, simply for the fact that Malaysia’s Government has banned the movie because of the suspected gay related scene. After the U-Turn on their decision, finally Beauty and the Beast is allowed to be played in Malaysian cinema. Source: Deadline

After watch this movie, its an ok opening. The feeling was “Ooooo uuuuuuu” during the first singing score and I felt a little bit annoyed that the town library is so small. Where are all the books!?
Emma Watson was beautiful in the movie, instead of Bella ish Emma brings her own interpretation of Bella. Her character of Bella was suitable, since Bella was portrayed as intelligent and the type of girl that nowadays people called it as self-empowered woman.

Throughout the movie, for me it was a little bit watered down version of the animated Beauty and the beast. Maybe I’ve been watching the Beauty and the Beast way too many times while growing up and now watching it almost every day with my nieces. The dance in the bar, the singing in the garden it all felt like the production could’ve done much better. For example, you’ve known your entire life that a gourmet burger is juicy and tender and oh so delicious, so when the time has come to eat the real burger you’ve already psych yourself up and expecting a delicious gourmet burger instead you were let down and the burger that you’re having is just a normal homemade burger. That’s the feeling that I get from watching this movie.

Nevertheless, the movie is still great, but it could’ve been better. Another total let down is beast. Is it me or the beast look kind of pale. Is beast lacking nutrition? And Gaston, he’s lacking muscles. Le Fou, the main reason why this movie was banned in Malaysia turned out that his character is not as gay as what the government claimed to be. Which is weird, it is either the people in the Film Censorship Board has issues with their own sexuality or they were the one that feeling confuse. Source: BBC.com

Oh and there were also rumored that there were bestiality relationship, somebody need to check the definition of that. This is a Disney movie, in what sick world that you grew up in that Disney produce bestiality movie? Now that require some special sick perverted mind to be able to imagine bestiality relationship between Bell and Beast.

Overall the movie is good, some characters were on point, some was lacking nutritions.

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