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Travel: World’s Biggest Airport

China being one of the country that hold a large population, are now going to be the home of world’s largest airport. The new airport which will cater for China Southern Airlines and china Eastern Airlines will be opened in the southerb Daxing district in year of 2019.

Big airports means more flight connections will be available to cater the passengers of both airlines and also future tourists.

The airport was designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, which in the design it is shown that there will be gardens and a separation areas for international and domestic flights as this will be easier, reduce travel times and most importantly passengers will not be lost. It is a huge airport after all.

Beijing is a well known and is currently recognized as the second busiest airport in the world, with the opening of this new very much big airport it will surely help to ease travel times for the passengers.

Another awesome fact about this airport is that it is build on a high speed railway station so that passengers have multiple options of transportations that can be used to get themselves to the airport.

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