//PSA: Google Play Sales

PSA: Google Play Sales

Even though Amazon is set to have its biggest summer sale of the year but let’s not forget that Google Play is also having big sales. As of right now everything inside Playstore are at a discounted price this include apps, movies, books and musics.

Google Play sale will run through until 6th of July, prices are set at 0.99 dollar and 50% off on new TV shows releases. Some of the discounted apps are New York Times, Runtastic, Memrise, NeuroNatfon and TuneIn.

For games, there a wide variety and are discounted up to 80% and can be expected that there are discounted prices for in-app purchases. Some of the games that will be on sales are Final Fantasy, Tactics, Star Wars: KOTOR, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie, Reigns, Hitman Sniper and Lara Croft.

For Google Play Music subscribers, for this period of sales will be getting up to 4 months of free subscription and for Google Books users are getting 50% to 80% off the regular prices.

To gain and take full advantage on this sales, you just need a gmail account and you’re all set. But don’t forget to set up your payment option as well.

Source: Google Blog

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