//Lifestyle: What to do if you have a small home

Lifestyle: What to do if you have a small home

Lands are becoming more and more of a scarce resource, hence it is making a lot of sense why we are often opt for the high-rise way of life or just simply settle down with small home. Small home comes with a small space obviously, but don’t be fret. There several places that we as homeowners can use to make our awesome tiny homes to be that more comfortable. That area is the space above the door frame.

Book shelf above the door

For example, if you like to read books and books do take spaces. We can make an awesome shelf right above the door frame, the door frame can add a little bit more support just like they did in their home design. Source:Awesome book shelf

Garden above the door

Here’s an example, you like to garden and you want to garden; just one thing that you are lacking is space for gardening. Source: Ikea has the product that you need. A beautiful and nice plant shelf that is suitable to be built on top of the door frame. This is Ikea, if Ikea has suggested it then it must be great.

Entire doorway of your kitchen

If you are like my mother, then a small kitchen won’t make do. You will need to use every available space to keep your valuable Tupperware and your Chinas. Where is the better place to put if not beside and around the door to the kitchen, you will definitely kill 2 birds with 1 stone. A place to keep your plates and bowls just like what they did in source: Patchwork Harmony

Pantry shelf this I kid you not,

I am not affiliated with Ikea. Its so happen Ikea has this source: Pantry Shelf Grundtal wall shelf is a perfect product to in your pantry room right above the door frame. Giving that extra space you need to keep your things neat in your pantry.

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