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PSA: Gmail’s Tips

Good ole days where people actually go somewhere to another place to send a piece of information on a physical piece of paper. Email was one the greatest invention, decisions were made faster and businesses finally able to go a lot smoother and faster. With big improvement come with big adjustment ie when we in the hurry and accidentally send out an important email without proof read it before hand. These are 5 tips on how to make your email life easier.

1. Enable “Undo send” for that last-minute email editing.

This is one of the biggest irk that us as emails users, often times we accidentally hit that send button. 3 seconds of agony and we will sunk into a deep abyss contemplating whether do we need to send another email or just pray hard the receiver would understand. These tip should be able to save you from your misery. Go to Gmail’s setting and click on general. Here you can enable this setup.
Source: Gmail Undo Send

2. Use canned responses to save time crafting

Yes, noted.Most of the time that will be our response for most emails. We can actually make a template out of our normal replies and cut short the time taken to reply. To use this feature, all you have to do is go to Gmail’s setting and then off to the settings. In settings go to labs and then go to canned responses. Done. You know may start to impress your clients for your efficiency and prompt email response.
Source: Canned Message

3. No internet around? There’s Gmail Offline

Let’s face it, not everywhere we go to will have internet connection. Sometimes we are out of our Telco’s network range or there aren’t any WiFi available or how about when our data connection is not that strong, it’s there taunting is yet we can’t even send emails. To make matter worse, we have that one urgent email that we need to send out immediately. Gmail OOffline all of that, Gmail app allowed us to read, response and search emails without the access to network.
Source: Google Offline

4. Calm the clutter by unsubscribing

My office uses Gmail suite, lucky for me (heh…) I am the administrator for office’s domain. From years of administrating this domain’s emails, there’s always one thing that keep on being asked to me “How do I remove myself from a mailing lists”We’ve all been there, go to a website and find it interesting and think “I need newsletter from this website”. Next thing you know, you’ve subscribed to that site. Suddenly you receive a lot of emails from other websites and like always things will get out of control. So here’s the tip, for each of the “subscribed” email, tap on more there’s an option saying “Unsubscribe” . Click it. You are free now.
Source: Google Unsubscribe Feature

5. Keep your Gmail safe with two-factor authentication

This is the most important feature that you need to enable. We can never tell when is the day that we will hacked or whatnot. Keep in mind of people has their Gmail account link to everything from contacts backup, documents and pictures storage. It is a must to keep our beloved Gmail as secure as our bank should be.For best practice, set up three options

1. Using Google Authentication tool
2. Set up your phone. This is important, if you ever had your phone factory restored you won’t be able to get code using your Google Authentication tools. Hence you may request a text or a phone call for your code from google.
3. Like always, set-up an emergency email and don’t forget to secure that email as well.
Source: Google Two Factor Authentication

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