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Lifestyle: 4 Awesome Buildings In Japan

Japan land of the sun, land of where innovation happened and subsequently the very same innovation change the world. Apart from awesome invention and creativity, Japan wasn’t blessed with much land hence due to limited space and high prices; Japan architectures had think outside of the box as their designs will have to take account of current situation.

When people think outside of the box, you can bet the result will be awesome. Below are some of the awesome buildings designs.

Garden and House, Tokyo

This house is located in a dense commercial district, Ryue Nishizawa has design this house consisting five single rooms storeys and about four meters wide. To compensate for the small area by building glass as wall and uses plants as part of the house.
Source:Garden House

Bird’s Nest Atami in Shizuoka

ArchitectHiroshi Nakamura had this idea designed based on how crows were able to utilize coat hangers to build as based for their nest. Using the same idea from the crows together with Takashi Kobayashi a tree house builder, they build the Bird Nest on a 300 hears old tree in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Source: Bird Nest Japan

Nakagin Capsule Tower in Shimbashi, Tokyo

Duringthe year of 1970 a tiny house movement was made famous, in order to cope with the limited available lands. Kisho Kurokawa’ Nakagin Capsule Tower was build also in 1970, this building has 140 minuscule capsules and these capsules were made as comoact apartments, storage areas and office spaces.
Source: Nakagin Capsule Building

Tower of Winds in Yokohama

Japan’s first interactive structure is Toyo Ito’s perforated, aluminium – clad Tower of Winds. It changes color thanks to wind- and sound-sensitive lamps and neon rings. This building was way out of the box and the outcome was and is still beautiful.
Source: Tower of Winds Yokohama

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