/, Technology/Tech News: Google drive to backup your PC

Tech News: Google drive to backup your PC

Google has launched a new Backup and Sync app, well its not really new since Google drive has been around since just forever. But this time around Google Drive is rebranded into something awesome.

Given the name Backup and Sync will allows users to store any photos, video and documents in the same format of users PCs or Macs on the Google Drive.

Why would you need a backup on the cloud? I can definitely give you one or two examples

1. If your office uses a leased based computers for three years, which mean at the end of that three years you’ll need to backup everything and pray that you actually have backup everything and then the hassle of moving everything into the new PC. A lot of things can happen while transferring, like your external is corrupt or missing.
2. Work documentation on the go, you can easily work on your mobile as you can easily access your work with cloud and the cloud will sync your work automatically. By the time you reach the office, your work is done and ready for clients or boss approvals.

Clouds are really a life and career saver. Definitely.Backup & Sync was due for launch on June 28, but was pushed to a later date. While all of these are awesome and all that, there’s a thing though. Google Drive only give users 15Gb off course with a payment option to upgrade.

Cloud is important, pay few dollars for safe keeping is not something that should be thinking about. We should just do it. Oh yes, like all of Google products you will need a google account to use the features.

Source: Google Drive: Backup & Sync

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