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Tech News: Google Search App New Feature

Have you ever search for something one day and instead of making a note or bookmarked our search result, we just decided to use our mighty minds and just made a mental notes thinking everything will be stored in our mighty brain. Well if we are one of those people who has a photographic memory this will not be a case, but we aren’t. When the times come for us to recall back the information that we had mentally stored in our brain, none. We couldn’t get anything, like always.

Recently Google Search App has been updated with few tweaks. One of the tweak was the answer to our never ending ego when we decided to store everything in our mind instead of noted it down. What this mean is Google Search App has made it easier for us to retrace our search history and it will put it in display. By display, it meant was users search history; completes with screenshots consisting users search results and all web pages that users had visited.

Before your cold sweat start to drip and your paranoia goes berserk, all of screenshotted results are not sync in between your devices just yet. But maybe in the near future this feature will definitely benefits all of us who are busy doing researches or students or even bloggers.

Let’s face it, most of us are doing researches and getting information using our phones way more than use laptops or desktops.
Apparently this particular feature has not yet come to iOS version of Google Search App, maybe in the near future.

But should you choose to disable and delete some or all the screenshots, here are the steps to do so:

1. Open Google App
2. Tap on the History Icon
3. You will see all of your searches listed horizontally in form of screenshots
4. Swipe up on any of the screenshot to delete them

To turn off this feature, here are the steps:

1. Tap Setting
2. Tap Accounts and Privacy
3. Toggle the slide to the off position for the “Enable Recent”

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