10 07, 2017

Lifestyle: 4 Awesome Buildings In Japan

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Japan land of the sun, land of where innovation happened and subsequently the very same innovation change the world. Apart from awesome invention and creativity, Japan wasn’t blessed with much land hence due to limited space and high prices; Japan architectures had think outside of the box as their designs will have to take account [...]

9 07, 2017

Lifestyle: Best 7 Places to Go

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Growing up and being a typical kid, we would always find ourselves on making list on things that we want to do or jobs that we are going to be. Most probably we were all had picture ourselves to be a doctor, teacher or a policeman. Those days are over, we are adult now and [...]

29 06, 2017

Travel: World’s Biggest Airport

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China being one of the country that hold a large population, are now going to be the home of world's largest airport. The new airport which will cater for China Southern Airlines and china Eastern Airlines will be opened in the southerb Daxing district in year of 2019. Big airports means more flight connections will [...]